Brilliant Branding Media & Project Management was founded in 2018 by Danika Parris.  After over a decade in the industry, working Corporate Marketing for large names such as Auto Zone, Wendy's, ALSAC and more... and 6 years of Business Development for UPS- the calling was fulfilled to shift the experience and skill set from corporate marketing to small business marketing.


Balancing motherhood and business became a skill and the hope is to pass not only amazing marketing and branding services, but also provide encouragement and support to the woman as an individual- outside of business. Brilliant Branding was created to build and empower women in business! 

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies, with perspectives and ideas that are rich in detail.

We run business similar to that of our households - seamless, effortless... multi-tasking in ways unimaginable - wearing many hats, absorbing many titles... and being successful at it all.

Need a marketing consultant to share your vision and develop and execute all your marketing and branding efforts?

As your business grows, you'll eventually need to think about the importance of managing your brand, marketing and other tedious projects. It can be a tough and often confusing decision on whether to hire an agency or an in-house team. 

Based on experience, especially if you're a small business owner, you should consider hiring an agency. Here's why...

1) You don't need to on-board, train, and manage an agency.
2) You'll save a lot of money.
3) You'll have access to a team of experts.

If you need help in multiple areas and want a small team to share in developing and executing your marketing or branding tasks, then you can purchase monthly hours to allocate to any of our marketing and branding services.


Let us help make your dreams a reality. Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success

She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing in 2007 from the University of TN at Martin, where she was also a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. She also possesses a Master's Degree from the University of Phoenix and a certificate of completion of  hours for her PMP certification. She is currently completing her certification in Women's Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

She has a history of seamlessly orchestrating complex projects with million dollar budgets and leading major business initiatives in cross-functional and multi-cultural team environments; Project management experience in multi-channel marketing, non-profit, healthcare, retail, and POS/IT implementation; Strategic approach in branding and integrated marketing for print and digital; Proficiency in building and managing vendor relationships, including negotiating and administering contracts, deliverables and work statements; and Established history of driving sales and productivity.

With over 10 years of combined experience in communications, marketing and project management, Danika has leveraged organizational vision, branding, and marketing and project management specialization to deliver lucrative results. Her ability to identify long-term opportunities to produce high-impact ROI and increase customer outreach with cost-centric solutions is immeasurable. 

Danika began her career in 2008 in Business Development for the United Parcel Service where she held tenure until 2013. She then went on to hold extraordinary positions within other companies and agencies serving as a Program/CRM Manager, Marketing Manager, Senior Project Manager, and Marketing and Project Consultant across both B2B and B2C organizations, including AutoZone Corporate and ALSAC, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Danika Parris,